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LED Screens

Magic Lighting provides cutting edge LED display technology. Transforming any space into a world of fantasy. By using this powerful and dynamic advertising medium your business will be in the minds of the customers and target audience. We offer a full range of LED Displays for any solution, supported by training, servicing and any other support required.
Areas of application:
  • Roadside billboard advertising
  • Commercial venue advertising
  • School information display signs
  • Sports venue advertising
  • Transportation hub advertising
  • Church information display signs
  • Event displays

Fairy light

LED fairy lights are a unique decorating lighting system to create the most enchanting of moods. Its versatile and user friendly functions are practical for the use of everyone. It can be used to decorate windows, staircases, furniture, shelves, trees, flowers, or as any decorating idea. LED fairy lights are ideal for party decorations, stage performances, photo-shoot backgrounds, etc.

Rope Light

Rope light, weather it is filament glass bulb or LED it is a product that is durable, economical, versatile and simply beautiful. No wonder it the most popular decorative light product in the world. Flexible and strong enough to be bent into any shape without breakage. Rope light can be used on its own and can be transformed into as many shapes and designs as far as your imagination will go.

LED Strip Light

LED strip light is available in single colour as well as full colour RGB. LED strip light is ideal for general illumination applications cove, sconce, base board and where-ever cold cathode fluorescents are used.

LED Neon Flex

LED Neon Flex uses Superior Grade Ultra Bright LED’s that are strictly consistent in wavelength specification by +/- 5nm. The outer jacket of the LED Neon Flex is constructed of two layers of PVC which has an effect on the optical enhancement of the LED color and light transmission efficiency. As such LED Neon Flex maintains the highest stability and lowest amount of lumens depreciation over time “longer life”. Additionally LED Neon Flex is structured with a white PVC base jacket that is designed to reflect “shape” the light that is emitting from the LED and to redirect the light upward and outward to the surface of the product thus enhancing the actual and perceived brightness. All of the factors above also contribute to the lack of Chromatic Aberrations with LED Neon Flex.

LED Vision Curtain

LED Vision Curtain is a revolutionary new product that incorporates the LED Vision Belt Clear Cap LED-ACV-5V into 3 different sizes of black curtain panels. The curtain panel is comprised of fire retardant theatrical drapery cloth commonly used in Fiber Optic Curtains and Stage Curtain applications. Unlike other curtain products that simply produce star field type effects the LED Vision Curtain can produce graphics, animations, and video effects using the Vision Studio Control System and Vision Studio MX software. LED Vision Curtains can be used to create entire stage backdrops, ceilings, and or as small as portable mobile DJ or small concert usage.

LED Dance Floor

LED Vision Floor is a new high tech modular LED video and graphic based flooring tile solution. Using advanced Polycarbonate Injection Molding techniques each 500mmx500mm contains 256 SMD RGB LED pixels under a two layer tempered and specially treated glass to produce amazing visual effects. Controlled via Windows XP based LED Vision Studio MX software and hardware system you can project graphics, animations, pictures, text, text messaging, video, TV, DVD, VCD and more.

Create a stunning and dynamic floor easily with the quick connect module inter-connection system, and easy to understand wiring connections. Water resistant design both on the underside where the injection molded housing sits firmly on the ground or sub-structure of your installation and between the glass and high strength housing. Perfect for permanent installations or mobile production and rentals.

LED Star Cloth/ Curtain

LED Star Cloth is fabric that has LED bulbs embedded into it creating a star effect. This enchanting item transforms any venue/stage into a night sky of glittering stars. Contact us for more information on LED Star Cloth.

LED Colour Washers

LED colour washers produces full color 16.7M true 24 Bit color changing effects for architectural and decorative illumination.

Used to high-light a specific area or create a theme.

LED Par cans

Our LED RGB par cans are able to produce a range of colours from pastel shades to rich and vibrant to saturated and mellow. The par cans are available in black and can be DMX controlled.

LED Towers

LED Tower is a large format, out-door, energy saving, full colour changing, landscape enhancement product. The LED Tower is a non-direct DMX controlled fixture that incorporates a SDL-109C controller for stand alone, linked or DMX controller to control functionality. The Tower is constructed of high grade PE tubes. The high grade PE material is anti-UV treated and the entire LED tower is water-proof to withstand the out-door environment


Various signs available:
Religious signs – Hindi, Tamil, Telegu Aum signs, Cross, Allah Hu Mohammad, Moon and Star, Ganesha
Wedding motifs – Elephants, palm trees, Kalsam, lamps, eastern bride and groom, peacocks, doves and wedding bell
Greeting signs – Welcome, Namaste, Vanakum, Aum Sai Ram, Happy Diwali
Event signs – Happy birthday, Congratulations, 16th, 21st, 50th, 60th

Cable Ties

Nylon Cable Ties available in natural or black

Size Code Colour Pack Quantity Material
2.5x100mm MLCTB25100 Black 110pcs/bag PA 66
3.6x150mm MLCTB36150 Black 110pcs/bag PA 66
3.6x300mm MLCTB36300 Black 110pcs/bag PA 66
4.8x200mm MLCTB48200 Black 110pcs/bag PA 66
4.8x300mm MLCTB48300 Black 110pcs/bag PA 66
4.8x400mm MLCTB48400 Black 110pcs/bag PA 66
2.5x100mm MLCTN25100 Black 110pcs/bag PA 66
3.6x150mm MLCTN36150 Black 110pcs/bag PA 66
3.6x300mm MLCTN36300 Black 110pcs/bag PA 66
4.8x200mm MLCTN36200 Black 110pcs/bag PA 66
4.8x300mm MLCTB36300 Black 110pcs/bag PA 66
4.8x400mm MLCTB36400 Black 110pcs/bag PA 66